Passionate individuals, working as one
This bunch of smiley people is so happy
We Arnhem was born as a platform to promote the city's creativity.
Seeking collaborations between local artists has made possible to unite dance, fashion, music and theater.
We believe that despite different art forms and individual views there's common ground where we all can have fun, learn and connect with each other.
As the initiative was born from two dancers (Jurriën Schobben and Alberto Villanueva), and since Introdans is one of the biggest motors and ambassadors of the city, dance became the main channelling force of the project.
Alberto Villanueva and Jurriën Schobben, directors and choreographers.
Shaun Leyden in charge of the camera work, the 'gimbalicious' touch and post-edition.
In production we have Irene van Dael and Olga Tops (Frame a story) assisting the direction and filming the 'Making of'. 
Nienke Wind is the community manager and Evert Burggave acts as a supervisor and 'the glue' between us all.

From Toneelgroep OostpoolJibbe Willems wrote the text 'Last we forget/nieuwe toekomst' which was narrated by actress Joy Delima
Seven strings from Het Gelders Orkest (now  Phion, orkest van Gelderland & Overijssel) performed the music in Chapter II.
Musicians René Berman, Winnie Hanel, Joke den Heijer, Joost Hillen, Bart Peters, Alexej Pevzner and Meintje de Roest

Zyanya Keizer, her collections express fantasy and ethereal beauty. Her collections have already been shown in the Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam and are also well received in the Spanish fashion world.

Keizer favors a timeless aesthetic and appreciates both nostalgia and a surreal vision of the future. A recurring source of inspiration is nature and the effortless yet intricate beauty it radiates. She investigates the dark aspects of nature and our relationship with the natural world, combining hard with soft structures. Keizer experiments by exploring unconventional materials and silhouettes of the organic shapes of the human body, with heavily embellished and sculptural garments with a couture finish.

Nienke Wind, Kim van der Put, Pascal Schut, Lucas Donner and Yulanne de Groot, the brilliant team of dancers of Chapter II battling against the cold with optimism, earning the name The Fantastic 5.
Tom Trapp, it's the composer for Chapter II, his music really speaks by itself and he got pretty quickly into the cinematic and dynamic wave the film needed. He has collaborated with, among others, Adrian Belew, Armin van Buuren, Steve Vai, Massive Attack and  a much long list of great musicians.
MAISON the FAUX, established in 2013, is one of the enfant's terrible of Dutch Fashion. Their shows in Amsterdam, Paris, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo have made quite an impact in the industry for it's new outlook on gender and self-mockery. They are responsible for the extravagant dress of Vérine in Chapter I.
Philipp Rüttgers, composer and teacher at ArtEZ Conservatory, won the Composing  assignment in 2018 at the renowned North Sea Jazz Festival for his unique blend of classical and jazz sounds. He made the music of Chapter I.
Vérine Bouwman 'Prijs van Verdienste 2018' award for her impeccable level of performance and Salvatore Castelli are the faces of this Chapter I. They become a wind that guides the viewer through the iconic locations of Arnhem (John Frost Bridge, Musis Sacrum, Koepelgevangenis, IPKW and the Stadsvilla Sonsbeek )
Peet Dullaert, fashion and jewellery designer from Arnhem, collaborated with his accessories in Chapter I.
Eric Corton jumped in the project last and narrated the introduction words, WE ARE.. that quickly became part of us all.
The beautiful pictures were taken by the talented Mathieu Di Scala and María Gil Mendoza.
Camera assistants Stef van Wijk and Laurent Bouwman. 
Special thanks to all the beautiful locations that have opened their doors to WEARNHEM:
GelreDome, Museum Kröller-Müller, City Villa Sonsbeek, Energy Business Park Arnhems Buiten, Arnhem Centraal, Gemeente Arnhem, Huis der Provincie, John Frost Brug, Koepelgevangenis, IPKW

'Teamwork makes the dream work'

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